General Rules

Members may invite non-member persons to use the facilities of Westwood Country Club as guests. Guests must be accompanied by the Member or one of the Member’s family. Resident Guests are limited to twice monthly visits to the club in racquet, fitness and swimming areas.

Dress, Behavior and Appearance

Members, guests and visitors shall be suitably attired at all times while on Club premises. Members are responsible for informing guests of dress requirements. Behavior and appearance must be acceptable to a majority of Members. Shoes and shirts must be worn in all indoor dining areas. No swim suits or other wet apparel shall be allowed in interior dining areas, except the Lake View Café.

Tennis Play

The rules of the United States Tennis Association shall apply to all members and their guests.
Tennis play will be limited to 1 ½ hours for singles and 2 hours for doubles.
Appropriate apparel must be worn. Shirts and regulation shoes are required with non-marking soles. Jogging shoes, street shoes, cutoffs, swim suits and blue jeans are not allowed.
All members and guests are required to conduct themselves in an acceptable manner. The following will not be tolerated: players who disturb other courts by yelling, using abusive language, throwing racquets or hitting balls against windscreens.


Westwood is a smoke-free facility. No smoking is allowed except in designated outdoor areas.

Private Events

Westwood Country Club Banquet and Catering amenities exist exclusively as a service to its members. In keeping with private country club tradition, the administration and policies relative to banquet functions are adhered to strictly. As such, all functions must be private and social in nature and sponsored by a member.

Guest Participation Policy in Athletic Programs

Effective January 1, 2009, only Full and Grandfathered Regular Members may participate in programs at Westwood. For the purpose of this policy only, immediate family members (adult children and grandchildren up to the age of 24, parents) of Full and Regular Members are entitled to participate in programs to the same extent, and for the same fee, as the children of members. In such cases, program fees shall be charged to the account of the sponsoring member.

Westwood Country Club is privately owned by our members. If you're interested in membership please speak with a member for Club information and details.